Advantages of Medical  Escort & Transport

Patients and their families can be faced with the challenge of arranging non-emergency transport to medical care. This can be to a doctor office visit, hospital, or other medical facility. To get yourself or your loved one to the doctor, clinic or hospital can be challenging and overwhelming You can rest assured we will assist you and your family each step of the way.

Our staff escorted medical service is NOT covered by insurance and is Private Pay.
Upon arrival to the patient’s destination, our team member will provide a  health history report to the receiving doctor or medical facility.  This can be a great asset when the patient is not an accurate historian.
We will stay with them during the appointment, and make notes on what transpires during the appointment.

It is helpful to have someone else accompany a senior or any patient and take notes during doctors’ visits.  This is especially important with children at work or living in faraway cities. These note takers are another set of ears during the meeting and can also remind the patient of any questions they had been meaning to ask.  This service can happen when our staff meets the patient at their appointment or drives them to the appointment.

Having a note taker is a good way to keep the patient focused. It is good to have back up for patients who have to digest often complicated diagnoses and treatments.
Often the elderly  have trouble writing and issues with hearing.  The person taking good notes allow the patient to focus on what the medical professional is saying at the time.

Here Are some tips regarding keeping records of the meeting with the doctor.
1.    Have clear goals for the appointment with the doctor.
2.    Bring lists of:
a.    Questions from the patient and concerned family members
b.    Medications taken and at what intervals
c.     Symptoms being experienced
3.    At the close of the meeting, summarize what was said with the doctor as well as the recommendations for next steps.
4.    Record the doctor’s confirmation.
5.    Write everything down and do not leave things to anyone’s memory.